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  My dog, Malarkey, helps me get work done.







This is my website.  My name is Paul DuBois and I am currently a philosophy PhD student at Syracuse University.  If you got this far you probably already knew that, so here's some stuff you might not know.  Before I came to SU I got my B.A. in philosophy from UMass Amherst.  I am mainly interested in epistemology, philosophy of language and some metaphysics.  Right now I am most interested in a theory of skepticism initially proposed by Jonathan Schaffer, called exaggeration theory, even though I am more sold on it than he is.  Theories of this sort are sometimes called "semantic skepticism" and take a healthy dose of linguistics to get into, so that's what I've been studying. 


Aside from philosophy I spend lots of time thinking about how to make coffee.  I roast my own beans using a Behmor 1600 roaster.  I grind for French press and drip with a Baratza Maestro grinder and I use a Mazzer Super Jolly to grind for espresso.  I have a Pasquini Livia 90s for an espresso machine.  I like coffee. 


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